Butterfly Kid Artwork.

My friend Jim Roll just released an album many years in the making. He told me the record, called The Continuing Adventures of the Butterfly Kid, was inspired by futuristic comic book art by Paul Pope. He asked for something based loosely on that, with this additional information:

“It’s like the year 2046 or so and it’s a post apocalyptic world like NYC. The butterfly kid is a young girl superhero kind of. Kind of a dark world in tatters but somehow still warm and inviting under the surface…”

This is what I came up with:

Butterfly kid artwork 1

Butterfly kid artwork 2

Butterfly kid artwork 3

My butterfly kid may or may not have been inspired by this awesome Fox moto jacket that my friend Sky gave me:

Butterfly kid artwork 4

You can listen to Jim’s record here.
Tracks 3 and 11 are my favorites :)