Postcard for 826 Michigan.

826michigan recently asked me to be part of their new postcard project for their robot shop (read about 826michigan and the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair here: or here: The project combines short excerpts of student writing and local illustrators to create fun multi-purpose postcards for the robot shop. I was given a list of about 20 different writings to choose from. Ultimately, I chose the line

She was sad because she had to meet one hundred monsters. She was happy because she had flowers.

written by a student at Perry Child Development Center in Ypsilanti. Some of my other favorites were:

Emily wanted to be a scientist like Lanie, but Lanie said, “If you want to be a scientist, you can’t just eat pizza.”


He was a stereotypical nerd who loved recycling and wearing recycled sweaters that itched like they were made of pine cones (which they were, of course).

Here’s how it turned out:

826 postcard 1

I drew my postcard using a Wacom Cintiq, which made it extra fun.

826 postcard 2