New Honey Badgers Swag.

I occasionally play on a hockey team called the Ann Arbor Honey Badgers. We needed a logo, so I whipped up this one last summer:

Honey badgers 1

Hopefully new jerseys are coming soon, but in the meantime, it looks pretty good on these t-shirts:

Honey badgers 2

We also just celebrated the annual Honey Badger “Winterfest” (which is basically just an excuse for everyone to hang out in the snow and not play hockey for a weekend). This year’s Winterfest took place in Ottawa, so we could all skate down the Rideau Canal (world’s biggest ice rink!). Everyone got one of these awesome hats (for which I designed a custom Honey Badger Winterfest patch!):

Honey badgers 3 Honey badgers 4

And here’s a photo of the Honey Badgers in action. That’s me getting run over by some guy in green socks.

Honey badgers 5