Chris Bathgate’s Mid-Winter Tour Promo Video.

My good friend Chris Bathgate asked me to help him make a “crankie” style promo video for his upcoming tour. The video turned out to be a 96 ft long illustration of all the cities he will be playing in. It took forever to draw, but it was pretty fun, and I learned a little bit about a bunch of cities I’ve never been to (Did you know that the Goodyear blimp lives in Akron?!). I also attempted to learn how to use Adobe After Effects to turn my illustration into a scrolling movie, but that was a little bit of a disaster (thanks to Pete Woodman for figuring out that part).

You can watch the video (and also hear a new song by Chris called Northern Country Trail) here:

Chris Bathgate Mid-Winter Tour from Jen Harley on Vimeo.

Here are some of my favorite details from the video:

Mid winter tour 1 Alabama Swamp

Mid winter tour 2 Atlanta, Ga \ The Varsity Drive-in \ Georgia State Capitol

Mid winter tour 3 Asheville, Nc \ Biltmore Estate

Mid winter tour 4 Fayetteville, Wv \ Fayette County Court \ New River Gorge Bridge

Mid winter tour 5 Louisville, Ky \ Louisville Slugger Museum \ Churchill Downs

Mid winter tour 6 Ypsilanti, Mi \ Ypsilanti Water Tower \ Depot Town