Lighthouse Poster Project is Born.

I recently had the crazy idea to draw all of the lighthouses that currently exist in the state of Michigan. I thought there were going to be a couple dozen. Turns out, there’s more than 100. I spent several days compiling a list of all the lighthouses »

Butterfly Kid Artwork.

My friend Jim Roll just released an album many years in the making. He told me the record, called The Continuing Adventures of the Butterfly Kid, was inspired by futuristic comic book art by Paul Pope. He asked for something based loosely on that, with »


I recently drew a poster for some local bands on a fancy iMac at the University of Michigan. I made this fun timelapse using Quicktime: Here’s the finished poster: And if you are curious about Pamola, the man-moose-eagle »

Dribbble Debut.

I posted my first shot ever to dribbble. You can check it out here. It was even featured in the weekly replay! »